The Villa Lucia Wine Thematic Centre is located in Laguardia and offers the visitor a museum space than combines tradition and the latest audiovisual technology to journey through the history and rituals of wine and its production in an enjoyable, practical and effective way.



     This journey employs innovative projections in 4D, virtual tastings of aromas, smells and colours. It also includes information panels, nostalgic corners to represent the associated trades, models, utensils, holograms and interactive aids for the more curious visitors.



     There are also gardens to enjoy a stroll through the old recreational estate of the family of the famous local fable writer Samaniego.

     Villa Lucía Wine Thematic centre is the only Wine Museum in Rioja Alavesa.


Villa Lucía Wine Thematic Centre
Carretera de Logroño, s/n
Contact telephone:  945 600 032




Villa Lucia Wine Thematic Centre

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