Casa Primicia is the name of a winery in Laguardia, one of the main towns in Rioja Alavesa. It is also one of the oldest buildings in the town. Would you like to experience the charm of a 15th century winery ?  Would you like to venture deep inside the underground cellars of a medieval village ?  Would you like to taste exceptional wines and share a family´s passion ?  If your answer is yes, then a visit to Casa Primicia is the best option.



     As previously stated, Casa Primicia is one of the oldest buildings in the beautiful medieval town of Laguardia. It was from here, in this emblematic location, that the church collected the tithes and offerings, a tax that required serfs to pay a tenth of the harvest and offer the first fruits.

     Not a trace of wheat or rye, the main agricultural products of the Middle Ages, has been found in digs conducted at Casa Primicia. Everything unearthed has been related to grapes and wine, which clearly shows the centuries-old link between the building and the region, with the grape and wine.



     Visiting such an unique building is like using wine to walk through history. To explore Casa Primicia is to travel through a time tunnel, seeking out the essence of a region that has made the fruit of the vine its raison d´être. In short, an attempt to uncover the true history of wine … before wine.



Calle Páganos, 78
01300 Laguardia
Casa Primicia

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