Name:                               Biga
Producer:                          Luberri Familia Monje Amestoy
Zone/D.O.:                        Rioja
Type:                                 Crianza
Year/Vintage:                   2014 (B)
Grape Variety:                   100% Tempranillo
Alcohol content:                14,0 %
Service Temperature:       16 – 18 ºC
Optimun Consumation:     2019 – 2022
Price (aprox.):                   8,90 €            

Winemaking Process

Grapes harvested the First fortnight of October.  A first grape selection was done in the vineyard and after the bunches entry into the cellar. Traditional winemaking, fermented at a controlled temperature of 28ºC and macerated for 10 days.

Tasting Note

Biga is a cherry-coloured wine of medium intensity, a modern Crianza, with the predominance of fruit to which noble wood contributes shades of complexity. We find delicate aromas in the nose: fresh and clean fruit, with tones of leather, spices and fine wood. In the mouth it is light, pleasant, emphasising a hint of freshness.



White and read meat, lamb, pork and beef roasts, game, poultry, stewed meat, rice dishes, stewed pulses, mushrooms, cured and blue cheeses.


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