Name:                               Artuke Joven
Producer:                          Artuke Bodegas y Viñedos
Zone/D.O.:                        Rioja
Type:                                 Guarantee of origin
                                          (Carbonic Maceration)
Year/Vintage:                   2016 (MB)
Grape Variety:                   95% Tempranillo, 5% Viura
Alcohol content:                14%
Service Temperature:       12 – 15 ºC
Optimun Consumation:     2017
Price (aprox.):                   10,00 €            


      Winemaking Process

The grapes come from all the vineyards in Baños de Ebro, where the Vinery is located. The vineyards are in an altitude between 420 and 480 meters above the sea level. Some of the vines are over 100 years old and other ones are just from the beggining of the century. This wine is created using the Rioja traditional “maceración carbónica” process (whole berry), which means that the whole grape suffers an intracellular fermentation, achiveing very aromatic and fruity wines.


Tasting Note

Cherry red colour, briliant and clean. Fresh and very tasty with good acidity. It provides lactic notes over a very pleasant mineral background.



      Cold meat, grilled red meats, aperitif, beans and pulses, poultry. 




Artuke Joven

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