My name is Steve and I am the owner of this website Best Rioja Wine.

     My objective with this website is to help others to discover which are the best wines of the spanish Rioja region. Rioja is one of the five best-known wine regions in the world among consumers and professionals according to a poll by an independent consultancy undertaken recently.

     Rioja is a priviledged region for growing grapes and making top-quality wines, with a unique personality and an exceptional aptitude for ageing. But there are still many different Rioja wines which are unknown for a lot of people and I would like to help them discover at least a few.

     I have always been passionate about wine myself, and Rioja is surely one of my favourite ones. Additionally, Rioja is well-known for its great value for money compared to some other famous wines like Bourdeaux, Burgundy and Chianti for example.

     But as I learned more about Rioja, I discovered that the majority of wine shops usually offer the same small range of brands, while many other brands and wines remain unknown for most of the  people.

     That is why I decided to create this website, to explain what is La Rioja and to show everybody some of the finest wines produced in the region which still remain largely unknown because they haven´t reached the main commercial channels yet.

     I Have tried to include all kinds of wines, young, aged, red, white cheap and expensive. There is a Rioja wine for every occasion and every budget.

     Have a look at it and enjoy !!!